Advertising is saving lives.
But this time, for real.

UPMC is a conceptual pioneer and leader in innovation in the realm of hospitals. We worked on lots of different projects with them. They’re very smart.

Moment of Waiting

22 people die each day waiting for an organ because there aren’t enough available for transplant. Usually, they sit on a waitlist while their health declines.

How the frick do we help them?
We raise awareness of this startling stat and encourage people to become organ donors.

How the heck we do it?
We create a silent, waiting flash mob in the heart* of Pittsburgh.


*not a donated heart

Living Donor Facebook Hub

By now, you know that UPMC is a leader in the field of living donation. They had a FB page (obviously) that I created content and copy for.

Here are some of them (I can’t be held responsible for commenters’ grammar):


Created while at Grey. Event in April 2017.