sometimes i dabble in satire

But sometimes it’s so close to the truth that I have to specify that it’s satire
Below is satire

New shoes so white they’ve already called the cops on a black family.

Do you see Jesus in this avocado toast?

5 reasons they should have named the Squatty Potty the Stool Stool

What to do when the MTA is in retrograde.

Friend who’s done 14 experimental drugs still smarter than your boyfriend.

The boys are back in town for their father’s funeral.

9 tattoos that will fill the empty space on your arm, but not in your heart.

Cleansing lavender and chamomile wipes perfect for when you just can’t get your hooha to go the fuck to sleep.

Never having to worry about bikini line definite plus of chemotherapy.

Oh no! Big dick energy isn’t renewable!

I vape to ease into smoking cigarettes. Here’s why:

What to expect when you’re expecting your local Planned Parenthood to close soon.

Man with bible verse tattoo still ready to push you out of the way to fit on the subway train.

What to do when your boyfriend leaves you for Alexa.

Sometimes I draw instead of write

But every picture is worth a thousand words

so enjoy my collection of thousand-word essays with color

i wrote and directed a short video

It’s called the Grey New York Minute

But in true NY minute fashion, it’s a tad longer

I know a couple things about editing videos

I put




in this video

I used to do han-stands wherever I went

And then I moved to New York City

and I will never touch the ground again