28% of CEOs are female, but when you think of a CEO, you most likely think of a White Male in a Business Suit™️. Google does too. Our human biases have influenced search engines’ algorithms, and they now provide biased results. And these results perpetuate the bias and the bias cycle continues etc etc etc. 

S.H.E. is here to fix that by taking the bias out of search. We created S.H.E. (Search Human Equalizer), a Google Chrome extension that works on the backend of your Google searches, to equalize the results for better representation. You can download the extension and watch it equalize results right before your very eyes at That website is also where you can peruse all the copy I wrote.

Here is a video explaining all that. 


Created while at Grey New York

Shortlisted at Cannes

Hopefully will live on as long as the internet does