Their reign as The charm bracelet company was glamorous, resilient, and dazzling. But out with the old, darling.

We let the world know that aside from the 2348268761 charms available, they have some other shiny stuff as well. 

I worked on radio, new product launches, seasonal campaigns, in-store material, digital, print, social content, and whatever else they felt like dabbling in. 

Quite the dazzling dabblers.


For radio, I wrote the spots, chose the music, and recorded the VO with talent. I also think I could be a voice actor but that's a different discussion.


For Snapchat, we created geofilters that can be found when a user is close to a PANDORA store. Long live Snap[chat].

We also created Snap ads to be played in between stories and after videos.

Created while at Grey.