It's 2018. Lean Cuisine has gone organic.

And there's no going back.


It's also worth noting that the new Origins line is M E A T L E S S (!!)

So we created a 1/3 page ad to showcase the veggie options. 

We created another 1/3 page ad but too many vegetarians got too excited and it was literally chaos. Vegetariansanity.

Obviously we had to put it back in hiding. 


Patrice Banks. She’s a badass woman who owns her own auto shop slash nail salon (because women are multi-faceted) in Philly. We love her as a face of Lean Cuisine because she’s empowering. And empowering women empower women.

Word on the street is that Elizabeth Banks saw our spot and liked it so much that she decided to create a TV show about Patrice.

Life imitates ads?


P.P.S. we created a virtual handful of videos to be used on Twitter. 

According to Data™️, most users won't watch these with sound.

But you should.

Because they're so much sexier with sound. 

CheeseOnCheeseTweet copy.jpg

Created while at Grey.

Loved while at home.