If you're confused about how shirts relate to copywriting, Hannah made a page just for you. Click here to find it. 

You've probably researched me at least once a day. 

I use hashtags #religiously. 

Selfies are the only pics I take. 

I fear commitment. 

I'm always on my phone. 

I'm entitled.


Hannah's favorite quotes:

"You're my favorite child." -Harvelyn Soloperto

"Damn you've gotten pale." -John Soloperto

"You'll never a dolphin trainer, Hannah." -Harvelyn Soloperto

Names it is acceptable to call Hannah:

  • Hannah
  • Han Solo (arguably the coolest name to abbreviate, ever)
  • Sassy Captain
  • Gypsy


Hannah made a video of a typical day in her life in 2014. She has since upgraded to another business card, but still has her groovy dance moves.